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Merkur Dosniha and Spintec, extraordinary partnership for the Spanish market


An exciting start to a new cooperation.

As is well known, Merkur Dosniha introduced electronic roulette wheels to the Spanish market more than two decades ago, and since then, it has been the main distributor of this product on Spanish territory. In a recent step, it has joined forces with a new partner, Spintec, to continue its trajectory in the Spanish market. A beneficial agreement with an emphasis on collaboration and joint development of new products.

Spintec is among the best roulette manufacturers in the world. They have been present in Spain for more than 11 years and have been a trusted partner of Merkur Gaming since 2018. Their products are present in more than 500 casinos on six continents, including most of the most demanding international markets. Their greatest strengths are their flexibility, expertise and exceptional commitment to their customers.

The cooperation has already resulted in an exciting new patented product that has been developed by the research and development teams of both companies fully involved and working side by side, using their well-versed expertise and, above all, with the unbridled enthusiasm for a new creation. The result of this joint effort is called Spectra: an exciting new product that incorporates features and functionalities which place it in a class of its own.

Carlos Chacón, CEO of Merkur Dosniha, comments: ‘In a way, Spectra is the natural response to applying our experience and knowledge in a field we have mastered. We are very happy to have chosen a perfect partner to help us implement it. We have a long track record ahead of us, which makes me even more confident that similar success stories and lasting stability will follow in the years to come’.

Goran Sovilj, Spintec's Global Sales Director, agrees: ‘Spintec has been present in Spain for more than a decade and now it's time to enhance our presence. With Merkur Dosniha we have chosen a partner with a proven track record and superior market knowledge, which makes it much easier for us to perform well.Spectra is the first proof of our compatibility and a guaranteed success in the market, but it definitely won't be the last.“

On a photo (from left to right): Goran Miškulin (Spintec CEO), Jürgen Stühmeyer (Member of the Board for MERKUR Sales & Technology) Goran Sovilj (Spintec Global Sales Director), Dominik Raasch (CEO adp MERKUR GmbH), Carlos Chacón (Merkur Dosniha CEO).