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Spintec places great value on corporate social responsibility


At Spintec we place a great value and embrace our corporate social responsibility to the community in which we operate. We value team work and collaboration, that is why we believe giving back to the community drives innovation and builds an environment that enhances education and entrepreneurship to foster sustainable growth.

Spintec supports the development of entrepreneurial environment through sponsorship of the radio broadcast named “The Steps to Success…” (Koraki do uspeha…) on beloved Radio Robin. The programme is intended to inspire young people for entrepreneurship by presenting the best business practices from local community.

The 2022 edition will focus on the new reality the business sector has woken to this year and will feature various interesting business guest hosted by radio host Ingrid Kašca Bucik with honourable sponsor Goran Miškulin, CEO of Spintec Gaming technology. The first edition will be on broadcasted on Tuesday 17th of May between 11 am and 12 pm with the director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for North Primorska Region Nevenka Volk Rožič MSc and Chairman of the board Julijan Fortunat.