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Spintec receives full certification upgrade in Switzerland

Spintec’s products are designed to comply with the strictest of standards. The latest upgrade of the certification approval for Type A and Type B casinos in Switzerland, one of the toughest jurisdictions in the gaming sector, is therefore a strong testament to our commitment to regulatory compliance.

The innovations covered in this latest upgrade include a progressive multilevel jackpot which we added to the roulette game. An attractive progressive jackpot gives a casino a competitive advantage and creates a strong incentive for the players.

For the Baccarat/Punto Banco game, we have designed a super attractive squeeze feature to add drama to an already very interesting game. It can be customised to squeeze the cards from the top or from the side, increase or decrease the reveal speed, or even accelerate the game to fast or super-fast. Apart from the main game, the players also appreciate the possibility of placing nine different side bets with high winnings.

The innovations covered in this upgrade also include our Blackjack, which can be installed in two main styles. The traditional, standard type is relaxed and elegant like a live game and can include up to six playing stations. The community type of Blackjack, on the other hand, is much faster. It comes installed in the amphitheatre setting and as all players must make their decisions at the same time, the game can be up to six times faster than its traditional equivalent. Our Blackjack also includes five exciting side bets.

And last but not least, our automated version of Craps integrates a proprietary solution, which ensures a smooth operation, preventing the dice being placed on top of each other or over the margin. Ultimately, this increases the number of valid outcomes per hour, translating directly into higher revenues.