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Spintec returns to G2E 2022 with a range of exciting new games and features


Spintec is extremely excited to be attending one of the most important trade shows in the casino gaming industry again this year: The Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. We will be exhibiting in cooperation with Dynamic Gaming Solutions, our partners in the US market. The 2022 edition of G2E is taking place on October 10th-13th 2022 at The Venetian in Las Vegas and Spintec’s booth #2043 will showcase our best-selling solutions that guarantee longer playing sessions through unbeatable comfort, attractive gaming features and user-friendly interfaces.

This year’s G2E will be one of the most important industry fairs that Spintec will be attending as an exhibitor after the pandemic-related hiatus. This makes us that much more excited to be able to show all their latest product upgrades and innovations. These achievements are the result of diligent innovation and working with the best team on the market. We have also been able to attract new talent, which will further enhance their team’s ability to cater to our ever-growing market presence.

In the last few years, we have also been able to significantly increase their presence all over the world. Our latest partnerships with Dynamic Gaming Solutions in North America, and TechnoGameCorp in Latin America, have proven to be excellent strategic decisions which are already yielding significant results in these crucial markets. This makes Spintec better prepared for the expected global revitalisation of the gaming market, while also being in the best shape they have ever been. 

It therefore makes every sense to show the visitors of G2E just how far Spintec has come in these last few years. The visitors will be able to experience fantastic new game features first-hand, along with the advantages that make Spintec electronic games so popular all over the world.

Spintec will be showing our Roulette with a new Multilevel Progressive Jackpot that can be played on all straight-up bets and is won with a bet on a random lucky number. Additionally, Hotspot Roulette allows the players to multiply the pay-out up to 900 times on randomly selected numbers.

At G2E, Baccarat\'s new squeeze feature will also be premiered, adding drama to an already very interesting game. It can be customised to squeeze the cards from the top or from the side, increase or decrease the reveal speed, or even accelerate the game. Spintec\'s Baccarat also packs an impressive set of 16 side bets. Along with the standard Score bet, Natural win, and Pairs, it is also possible to bet on Spintec’s proprietary side bets like Tower bet, Super tie, Field, and Golden 8. Of course, we have also included the world-renowned and hugely popular Lucky 6. 

Spintec\'s SicBo will be shown with its new and super exciting Dragons Jackpot. This is a progressive three-level jackpot which encourages stronger play and immerses the players in the excitement by offering large daily pay-outs. The randomly triggered Dragons Moments keep the players on their feet, while a mechanical start button gives them a feeling of having more control over their game. The Dragons Jackpot always makes the game more dynamic, as it engages large numbers of players who end up triggering more lucky moments. As an extremely attractive additional opportunity, Spintec SicBo players have the option of multiplying their wins by up to 1.200 times.

Spintec BlackJack, on the other hand, will be featured with the unique advantage of accelerating the game with adjustable card dealing speed and four new side bets. This allows the players and the operators to advance the dynamic of the game and enjoy it with even more excitement.  As for Craps, the game has never been more accessible and enticing, as Spintec introduces the option of using an extremely attractive virtual croupier.

The innovative and exciting Spintec games will be presented on our best-selling compact Karma Roulette line and the elegant Aura amphitheatre version. The Automated Craps solution, extremely popular among the players in the US, will also be featured.