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Merkur Dosniha and Spintec, extraordinary partnership for the Spanish market

An exciting start to a new cooperation.As is well known, Merkur Dosniha introduced electronic roulette wheels to the Spanish market more than two decades ago, and since then, it has been the main distributor of this product on Spanish territory. In a recent step, it has joined forces with a new partner, Spintec, to continue its trajectory in the Spanish market. A beneficial agreement with an emphasis on collaboration and joint development of new products. Spintec is among the best roulette manufacturers in the world. They have been present in Spain for more than 11 years and have been a trusted partner of Merkur Gaming since 2018. Their products are present in more than 500 casinos on six continents, including most of the most demanding international markets. Their greatest strengths are their flexibility, expertise and exceptional commitment to their customers. The cooperation has already resulted in an exciting new patented product that has been developed by the research and development teams of both companies fully involved and working side by side, using their well-versed expertise and, above all, with the unbridled enthusiasm for a new creation. The result of this joint effort is called Spectra: an exciting new product that incorporates features and functionalities which place it in a class of its own. Carlos Chacón, CEO of Merkur Dosniha, comments: ‘In a way, Spectra is the natural response to applying our experience and knowledge in a field we have mastered. We are very happy to have chosen a perfect partner to help us implement it. We have a long track record ahead of us, which makes me even more confident that similar success stories and lasting stability will follow in the years to come’. Goran Sovilj, Spintec's Global Sales Director, agrees: ‘Spintec has been present in Spain for more than a decade and now it's time to enhance our presence. With Merkur Dosniha we have chosen a partner with a proven track record and superior market knowledge, which makes it much easier for us to perform well.Spectra is the first proof of our compatibility and a guaranteed success in the market, but it definitely won't be the last.“ On a photo (from left to right): Goran Miškulin (Spintec CEO), Jürgen Stühmeyer (Member of the Board for MERKUR Sales & Technology) Goran Sovilj (Spintec Global Sales Director), Dominik Raasch (CEO adp MERKUR GmbH), Carlos Chacón (Merkur Dosniha CEO).

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Another Spintec hit at GAT Cartagena

GAT Gaming week in Cartagena celebrated its 25th installment this year, and we are very happy to report that we have once again taken part in this successful show at the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center. We teamed up with our distributor Spincol S.A. and gathered our partners and distributors from across Latin America to showcase our latest and best products. The Spintec Karma roulettes with a circular topper are still an absolute hit in the region, so its presence at the show was a must.However, this year, we proudly introduced Carisma, our latest breakthrough product. Its elegant and sleek design commands attention at every showing; our GAT stand was no exception. Charisma is the most player-centric product in our lineup and the combination of its design, technical performance and versatility placed it center stage. Additionally, it is super versatile, offering a combination of different classic and proprietary games, among which our new Galactic Spin is a proper star. This super fun game features a combination of fantastic payout multipliers, jackpots and free spin surprises, keeping our guests entertained for hours. While our guests were pampered with signature cocktails, aptly named Galactic Vodka and Charismatic Ron, our team unanimously agreed that the impressions from the show were positive. Simon Pintar, Spintec’s Sales Manager for Latin America, summarized it well: “Just as expected, GAT Cartagena did not disappoint. The turnout was exceptional, and our guests really liked the products and games we introduced. I am confident that our position in the region will only strengthen with the enhanced offering that we have presented this year.”

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Spintec introduces Charisma, the newest star in their lineup

London, February 7th 2024.This year’s ICE London has seen one of the most exciting product introductions in the ETG arena. Spintec’s latest design named Charisma was unveiled yesterday and it is all that anyone could wish for. It is sleek and elegant yet striking on the casino floor: it attracts participation in the game, is attractive to look at, and makes the gaming floor look exciting and fun.Charisma is extremely well designed, but its attraction lies far beyond just looks. The roulette wheel now has outstanding visibility from all positions with a flat glass dome for an unobstructed view and the wear-proof kerrock wheel illuminated by a strip of LED lights.While the dance of the ball and the excitement of the roulette game are at the centre of attention, player comfort remains at the forefront. Charisma covers all bases with immersive, user-friendly touchscreen interface on two different large high-resolution (FHD and UHD/4k) displays, unmatched seating, handy surfaces for snacks and drinks, wireless and USB mobile chargers and comfortably accessible bill validators and ticket printers.Charisma is also fun because it is extremely versatile with additional proprietary games like the fantastic new Galactic Spin, features, Jackpots, and design customisations. The finishes and upholstery come in a variety of options to fit any casino floor. It can also sport an elegant double-sided topper with a circular animated LED sign that can attract players from across the casino. It supports several different setups from compact solutions that come in various configurations all the way to large amphitheatre settings. These can also include dice and card-based games, live tables, and entertainment systems that create full ETG experience arenas. One of those is a super fun Tournament mode that increases gaming engagement for the entire casino.When adding the option of different game deliveries to the Charisma mix (automated, virtual or live) it becomes clear that Spintec’s latest flagship is well designed, sleek and elegant, yet completely versatile and super exciting.Goran Sovilj, Global Sales Director at Spintec, emphasises that “Charisma is the answer to what the market has been asking for in the last few years. It is a solution that can be compact or spread across a large setup, with a versatile yet elegant design and a superior software solution. We are very excited about its prospects and are certain that it will generate a lot of interest.”Goran Miškulin, Spintec CEO, added: “Yesterday’s unveiling of Charisma at our stand at ICE has been the highlight of the year. We were very excited to show what we have created and the response from our partners and the public was even more enthusiastic than expected. We have a strong standing in the ETG market already and we look forward to Charisma giving us an even stronger push towards steep growth.”

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27.10. 2023


V podjetju Spintec d.o.o., v skrbi za čistejše okolje in zmanjšanje energetske odvisnosti z uporabo obnovljivih virov iz lastne proizvodnje, smo v letošnjem letu izpeljali investicijo v sončno elektrarno SE SPINTEC. Naložbo sofinancirata Republika Slovenija in Evropska unija iz Kohezijskega sklada.Sporočamo, da smo uspešno kandidirali na Javnem razpisu za sofinanciranje gradnje novih manjših proizvodnih naprav za električno energijo iz sončne energije. S tem smo prejeli sofinanciranje investicije v višini 20%, kar je omogočila tako Republika Slovenija kot tudi Evropska unija preko Kohezijskega sklada. Operacija se izvaja v skladu z Operativnim programom za izvajanje Evropske kohezijske politike v obdobju 2014–2020. Osnovna cilja sta trajnostna raba in proizvodnja energije ter pametna omrežja. Naložba je namenjena spodbujanju proizvodnje in distribucije energije iz obnovljivih virov, s konkretnim ciljem povečanja uporabe obnovljivih virov energije v končni rabi.Nazivna izhodna (priključna) moč naše sončne elektrarne je 108 kW, z inštalirano nazivno močjo fotonapetostnih modulov 142,56 kWp.Ponosni smo na dejstvo, da bomo s to investicijo, glede na predvidene količine proizvedene električne energije, na letnem nivoju prispevali k zmanjšanju emisij CO2 za okvirno 148 ton, za kar bi v naravi potrebovali okvirno 8000 dreves.Več informacij o nepovratnih sredstvih in EU skladih je dostopnih na

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27.07. 2023

Spintec Partners up with KONAMI to Expand Sales in Australia and New Zealand

July 2023Spintec is extremely excited to announce a new partnership with Konami Australia Pty Ltd to distribute Spintec’s products in Australia and New Zealand. The agreement was signed on July 6th and it represents a significant step in Spintec’s expansion into the Australian and New Zealand markets. The two companies are confident that this partnership will be the cornerstone of growth for their respective businesses in this market.Konami is one of the world’s largest producers and distributors of gaming equipment, games and casino management systems, while Spintec is a developer and supplier of superior innovative electronic table games. Both partners have an important and ever-growing world-wide presence. Their partnership and their combined product portfolio will create a well-rounded offering for the gaming industry in Australia, which is bound to benefit all parties involved. As the first step into the market, Konami will distribute Spintec’s products to clubs in New South Wales using the X - series protocol. In the future, the two companies plan to expand their distribution area to other Australian states and certify their SAS protocol products. This will enable them entry into the Australian and New Zealand land-based casino market.“Following the investment in development and certifying our ETG devices for Australian market, I am excited that we have found an ideal partner for distribution” said Goran Miškulin, Spintec CEO. “This achievement marks a significant milestone for our business, as it not only validates the quality of our products but also opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion in a promising market like Australia.”“We are pleased to partner with Spintec,” said Gerard Crosby, general manager of product development, director, office holder, and secretary at Konami Australia Pty Ltd. “Their electronic table games rank among the best in the world and have a huge potential in Australia. We are confident that we can help Spintec achieve their sales ambitions in this market.”The two companies will be showcasing their product portfolios at Australasian Gaming Expo 2023, the leading gaming trade show in Australia, taking place at ICC Sydney from 15th to 17th August 2023. The Spintec range of products will be on a show at the Konami stand No. 390. The partners believe that this will be a fitting introduction of their cooperation to all the major stakeholders in the gaming industry in Australia.“We are looking forward to attending AGE 2023 with Konami,” said Goran Sovilj, Global Sales Director at Spintec. “They are an important player in the gaming market and it will be exciting to be included in their sales activities. We believe that taking part in the show with a partner like Konami will be a turning point for our presence in Australia.”*On a photo (from left to right): Spintec’s Maksim Gojković, Igor Lombar, Goran Sovilj and Konami’s: David Punter and Luke Middleton

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16.05. 2023

Spintec powers an exciting new Merkur installation

Spintec and Merkur Gaming are strategic partners in the area of electronic table games manufacturing since 2018. This cooperation proved extremely fruitful as Spintec’s technological knowledge and cutting-edge product development and Merkur Gaming’s innovative approach to the casino industry have provided both partners with a distinct advantage. Their latest joint achievement is an important installation of a series of electronic table games in a newly opened Merkur-operated casino in Monheim. This exciting new casino is the largest in Germany, spreading over 4,300 square meters and boasting a total of 510 different machines.The installation consists of 44 new state-of-the-art play stations in an arena setting, which makes it the largest Spintec installation in Europe. It allows the guests to enjoy the thrills of several different games from the comfort of their own play stations in a two-floor level “Experience Arena” concept. The games can be played interchangeably or simultaneously, and include an automated Roulette, live Roulette and live Blackjack games. This is a ground-breaking example of the latest trends in casino entertainment, where the players can enjoy a multitude of games, game features and progressives, with the clear aim of offering the players the excitement and comfort of the highest order.Apart from embracing the latest gaming trends, the size of the installation also warrants the use of two automated wheels along with a live game table for Blackjack. It is the first of its kind to be height-adjustable, offering optimal ergonomics to the live dealer. The installation furthermore offers a great vibe to younger audiences with live dealer interaction as well as accommodating high-rollers who are able to play roulette on up to 3 live wheels and 2 automated wheels simultaneously! Athanasios “Sakis” Isaakidis, Chief Executive International at Merkur Gaming says of their latest achievement: “Our cooperation with Spintec is growing year by year and we are very happy that we were able to implement an installation as important and as groundbreaking as the one in Monheim.”Goran Sovilj, Global Sales Director at Spintec comments: “We are extremely happy with our partnership with Merkur, who are constantly proving to be at the forefront of the casino business in Europe. Our joint installations in Germany are already showing great performance and yielding very promising results. Our market share in Germany has increased to 7% in the last year alone and we could not be more pleased with this result.”

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14.02. 2023

Spintec and APE to renew their exclusive distribution agreement for Southeast Asia

Spintec is proud to announce that our exclusive cooperation agreement with Asia Pioneer Entertainment Limited (APE) has been successfully renewed for Southeast Asia. Our cooperation has started more than 10 years ago and has proven beneficial for both parties and has yielded important business success in the region. APE as the largest electronic table game distributor in Asia has now become the exclusive distributor for Spintec products beside Macau also in Singapore, Philippines, and Malaysia, while also remaining our trusted partner in Vietnam and Cambodia. The 3-year exclusive distribution agreement covering the large part of Southeast Asia is providing both partners with a valuable gambit to tackle the demands of the fast-growing market in the post-pandemic era. As the market is opening and growing, both partners will be taking advantage of their strong market positions and superior products to enhance their presence in the region even further. Maria Garcia, Sales Director at APE for Macau & Southeast Asia, says of the cooperation: “It is truly an honor to be working with a producer of electronic table games of such high quality and a partner that is fully committed to growing in this important region.” Mitja Dornik, Regional Sales Manager at Spintec, agrees: “Our performance in Southeast Asia is growing day by day and we are thrilled to see that APE is helping us extremely on this path.”   Herman Ng Man Ho, CEO at Asia Pioneer Entertainment Limited, emphasises the importance of the high product quality in their partnership: “As the largest electronic table game distributor in Asia, it is our company policy to work with the best producers in every segment and Spintec is definitely a part of the ETG elite.” Spintec’s CEO Goran Miskulin is also extremely proud with their cooperation with APE: “Asia Pacific is one of the most important regions for us and we are thrilled to be cooperating with a partner that recognises our advantages and is able to translate them into a strong market presence.” Goran Sovilj, Spintec’s Global Sales Director, recognises the challenges of the Southeast Asian markets: “These markets are very lucrative, but only if the commitment to quality and service diligence is paramount. We realize that we need a strong and reliable partner to deliver in this region and with APE we have found just that.”

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20.01. 2023

Spintec ready for the big show at ICE London 2023

The enthusiasm for ICE365 is growing, with over 650+ exhibitors flying in from around the world. The last weeks to go until the much-awaited London show are met with high expectiations.Spintec is thrilled to be back after three years with new game features, solutions and products. ICE London is back and bigger than ever and so are we - mark the dates in your calendars to see us again! Mark the location of the Spintec Stand #S6-340. Meet us for the gaming industry’s leading event of the year on the 7-9 February 2023 at the ExCel!

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19.01. 2023

Spintec launches Virtual Showroom

Spintec is proud to present new Virtual Showroom, created in the course of the digital transformation. It provides a unique immersive virtual tour of wide range of products, a guided video call walk-through with friendly Spintec sales team, exploration of live customisation and additional product specifications. Take a virtual tour by yourself

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16.01. 2023

Spintec sponsors a young local sailor

Spintec has a long tradition of socially responsible activities, from supporting young entrepreneurs and young athletes to corporate events. In the field of sport, Spintec has in the past supported the young skier Anna Bucik, who is today one of the most successful Slovenian skiers. In 2023, in a similar spirit, Spintec has signed his first sponsorship contract with Aurora Ambrož, a young sailor from Renče. Aurora finished sailing in the Optimist class in September 2022. In eight years she has won numerous trophies at regattas in Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Croatia and Hungary. She has been on the podium since she was a cadet and has continued her excellent results, always among the leading male and female sailors. In 2022, out of 1000 competitors, she won a place at the European Championships in Sonderburg, Denmark, where she particularly excelled, finishing the competition in fifth place. In 2023, Aurora will start competing in a new category, the 420 class, a world-renowned category for youth double-crew sailboats, consisting of a helmsman (Aurora Ambrož, YC Adriaco) and a flokist (Anna Tesser, YC Triestine della vela) Intensive training sessions are held 3-4 times a week throughout the year, mainly in Trieste, and the racing season is covered by the calendar year. The major regattas start in February (this year it will be the Carnival race in San Remo) and finish in December. Selections for the European and World Championships take place between March and May. The Spintec and the NOE restaurant will also host events to support the major championships Aurora will be competing in during the first half of the year, namely the European Championships in Poland in early July, the World Championships in Turkey at the end of July and the Italian National Championships in early September.

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23.12. 2022

Happy Holidays and Longer Gaming Sessions in the New Year 2023!

As a fruitful and successful year comes to an end, we reflect on all the beautiful and constructive moments we have spent together with you in co-creating this wonderful industry of electronic table games. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a Happy New Year 2023 and many creative moments together in the coming business year. We wish you a New Year full of Longer Gaming sessions! Your Spintec Gaming Technology team

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